Special Issues

Special issues focus on pioneering and groundbreaking subjects. In principle, the FLC Board invites an expert to act as a Guest-Editor for a special issue. Alternatively, proposals for special issues by potential Guest-Editors are accepted on subjects relevant to the FLC’s Aims and Scope. Guest-editor(s) will be established figures in their respective fields, and their proposals will reviewed by Editorial Board members; if approved, the issue will be scheduled for publication afterwards.

Papers included in a special issue must be anonymously evaluated by at least one reader other than the Guest-Editor(s). Upon the submission of the manuscript, one to three external readers, depending on availability, will assess the special issue as a whole. The final manuscript should comply with FLC’s style-sheet.

To propose a special issue, or for further details, please get in touch with us via jflc@hunnu.edu.cn.

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