no. 4

  • A Study of "Emotive Intensifier + X" Construction

    Author:Fen Liu

    Abstract: Previous studies mainly focus on the “Degree Adverb + X” construction, and they seldom pay attention to “Emotive Intensifier + X” construction. Under the framework of Construction Grammar, by exploring the construction representation and its different forms and meanings of the structure of “Emotive Intensifier + X”, and ...

    Column:Liguistic Studies   103-112   Details

  • The Depth of Cognitive Processing of Metonymy within a Cognitive-pragmatic Perspective

    Author:Zhenqiang Fan

    Abstract: The depth of metonymic processing is a newly-emerged key issue in cognitive metonymy studies. A multi-level conceptual analysis reveals that metonymy operates within a matrix domain or metonymic complex, which includes four hierarchical levels: image-schema, domain, frame and mental space. On ...

    Column:Liguistic Studies   113-129   Details

  • CET Washback Effects on the Achievement Test of College English: A Study Based on the Analysis of the Finals of Ten Universities and Teacher Interviews

    Author:Lianzhong Dong

    Abstract: This study investigates the washback effects of CET on the achievement test of college English, and it employs the end-term exams of 10 colleges or universities in Beijing and interviews of college English directors and lecturers. The results of the study demonstrate that the end-term exams of most colleges or universities do not include oral English test, but simply copy the CET in aspects of its test contents, question types, and the score weight; the end-term exams of key universities, however, are less impacted by using a variety of subjective question types to examine students’ comprehensive English competence; and the causes resulting in the above distinctions can be partly attributed to the lack of language assessment literacy of college English directors and teachers. Hence, a number of measures, such as accelerating the end-term exam reform, introducing the oral English test and increasing its score weight in the end-term exam,

    Column:Liguistic Studies   130-138   Details

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