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  • The Critique of Benthamite Utilitarianism and Inner Conflicts in Charles Dickens's Hard Times

    Author:Guoxin Zhao

    Abstract: Among the Victorian novelists, Charles Dickens is undoubtedly the fiercest opponent to the dominant ideology of the early Victorian Age: Benthamite Utilitarianism. In Hard Times, he intends to makes an obvious and full-length critique of its typical principle of the greatest happiness ...

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  • Subject, Self and Identity: A Lacanian Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Alice Munro's "The Albanian Virgin"

    Author:Chuan Huang, Lan Wang

    Abstract: In Alice Munro's short story “The Albanian Virgin”, the female protagonists Claire and Charlotte/Lottar took different approaches to cope with their identity crises. From the perspective of Lacanian psychoanalysis, this essay conducts an analysis of the heroines’ recognition and reconstruction of their subjectivity, pointing out that Claire found her ideal ego in imaginative and symbolic identification, while Charlotte/Lottar failed to integrate herself into different societies and different molding effects on the subject in the Symbolic, where language, culture, and law play dominant roles....

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  • Who is Sam Fisher?: On the Theme of Poetry in A Free Life

    Author:Kai Wang

    Abstract: Sam Fisher is a very important character in Ha Jin’s novel A Free Life. In this novel, Ha Jin takes Allen Ginsberg as the prototype for the character, on the one hand, to emphasize his influence upon Wu Nan in his pursuit of poetry writing, and on the other hand, to increase the credibility of the protagonist and the sto...

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  • The Stick of the Diviner: The Writing of Seamus Heaney's Place-Name Poems

    Author:Yan Liu, Yuxuan Wu

    Abstract: Place-names are a kind of language sources great valued by the people of Ireland. Following the literary traditions of Irish place-names poems (also called “dinnseanchas” in Irish), Seamus Heaney writes about the Irish community’s memories and the history of concealed conflict between England and Irel...

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  • Homosociality: A Keyword of Sedgwick's Sexuality Criticism

    Author:Zhen Xu

    Abstract: Homosocial relates to social relationships between persons of the same sex in the context of sociology. Male bonding was considered to be a necessity of human evolution, which is significant to the formation of social cooperation. Some anthropologists believed that women were materialized and became transactions in the ...

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  • The Defense of Culture in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Author:Zhaoqian Li

    Abstract: George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four represents a current type of attitude: a “myth” of the defense of culture,related primarily to contemporary society. The cultural defense myth in Nineteen Eighty-Four contains two layers of meaning. First, the novel uncovers the nature of Totalitarian culture in Oceania: the Oceania...

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  • A Cultural Study of the Water and Fire Imageries in Faust and Goethe’s View of Nature

    Author:Yue Zeng

    Abstract: Goethe, as a naturalist, discussed extensively scientific and philosophical problems in his literal works. Fire and water, two of the four elements in Ancient Greek philosophical thought, often were explored by Goethe to express his view of Naturphilosophie, while simultaneously referring to c...

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  • Pragmatic Functions of Discourse Markers in C-E Consecutive Interpreting

    Author:Junfeng Zhao, Dixi Ke

    Abstract: This paper conducts a descriptive study on the pragmatic functions of discourse markers (DM) in C-E consecutive interpreting (CI). Four types of DM are summarized and treated as the parameters, by means of which a case analysis is conducted on the C-E CI for 2016 and 2017 press conferences by Chinese Foreig...

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  • Construct Measurement of Subjectivity Operation Deficiency in Student Interpreters

    Author:Liwen Chen

    Abstract: An investigation of 300 student interpreters from four universities was conducted to measure and verify the construction and operation mechanism of subjectivity operation deficiency during the interpreting process by using Structural Equation Modeling AMOS 21. The findings are as follows. Firstly,...

    Column:Translation Studies   078-089   Details

  • Political Rhetoric and Persuasion:A Critical Analysis Model Explained

    Author:Xiaoyu Zhang, Meifang Zhang

    Abstract: Political discourse has been a key issue in Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). With a focus on political rhetoric, Jonathan Charteris-Black has developed an interdisciplinary model which combines concepts and theories in the fields of rhetoric, psychology and conceptual metaphor studies so as to figure out ho...

    Column:Translation Studies   090-101   Details

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