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  • Metaphorical Meanings of Aquatic Nature in An American Tragedy

    Author:Qizhi Shu, Jiawei Liang

    Abstract: Based on source materials of a real-life lake murder occurring in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy does not consider its background, the lake area—the aquatic nature, as a fixed physical space, but as an extension of the urban space, as a productive site...

    Column:Gender and Political Writing in Literature   001-011   Details

  • The Paradox of Utopia: The Cultural Conservatism in George Orwell’s Coming Up for Air

    Author:Yibing Sun

    Abstract: Coming Up for Air is a novel written by George Orwell just before World War II. The novel aimed to create a utopia centered around family life and rural culture in order to rebuild national identity. However, this ambitious vision ultimately fails. This paper delves into the factors contribute...

    Column:Gender and Political Writing in Literature   012-024   Details

  • "Wife Sale" in 19th Century English Literature and Its Sexual Politics

    Author:Wenquan Wu

    Abstract: The Enclosure Movement really was coming to its end by the 1830s but leave as is if the article itself is also inaccurate, when machines replaced cottage industries workshop crafts and commodity economy replaced natural economy, farmers became vagrants, craftsmen went bankrupt, workers lost their jobs, and ...

    Column:Gender and Political Writing in Literature   025-034   Details

  • Demolishing Post-9/11 Male Myth: On the Counter-narrative of Masculinity in A Disorder Peculiar to the Country

    Author:Ronglan Wu

    Abstract: Ken Kalfus’s A Disorder Peculiar to the Country is regarded as one of the first satirical Post-9/11 novels, and it juxtaposes personal affairs with national events to expose Post-9/11 American problems. This paper interprets the novel from the perspective of masculinity, and explores how the novel, through narrating a torturing divorce, satirizes American society, demolishes the male myth constructed by the mainstream media after September 11 which is featured with hero narrative and portray female victims to replaces the demonstration of masculine disorder. This process is represented by the “self-made man” out of control, the depressed hypermasculinity of FBI agent, and bankrupt protection of “vulnerable maidens”. It is discovered th...

    Column:Gender and Political Writing in Literature   035-043   Details

  • Reconstruction of German Folk Poetry and the Function of Poet: A Study of Goethe’s Ballads

    Author:Yiling Duan

    Abstract: In the second half of the 18th century, there was a wave of retracing ancient Germanic traditions in German literature, intending to revitalize German literature. Under this circumstance, Goethe used native German folktales as the literary material for his ballads and rediscovered the myt...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   044-056   Details

  • A Study on Cultural Memory in Anowa: A Ghanaian Drama

    Author:Jian Huang, Xiangling Yu

    Abstract: The creation of Ghanaian playwright Ama Ata Aidoo has focused on the fierce conflicts between African culture and Western culture. Aidoo’s masterpiece Anowa shows audience the distortion and oblivion of Ghana’s traditional culture through the ups and downs of the Anowa protagonist after her farewell to her hometown. In resp...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   057-065   Details

  • Veneration and Dominion: On John Ruskin's Humanistic Poetical Vision

    Author:Chengzhen Cai

    Abstract: The inextricable intertextuality of John Ruskin’s pictorial writings and symbol systems led to the enhancement of the untranslatability of Ruskinian prose texts. Nevertheless, penetrating through feminine sublimity, there still exists abundant spaces for the re-examination of humanistic heritages of Ruskin’s...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   066-077   Details

  • The Self-cultivation Guidance and Educational Practice of the Japanese Children’s Magazine Akaitori

    Author:Ziyu Lin

    Abstract: The children’s literature magazine Akaitori, founded during the birth of modern Japanese dowa, marked an important turning point in Japanese children’s literature. Akaitori opposed the rigid education model of Japan’s Ministry of Education and created dowa and doyo from an artistic perspective. It provided new opportunities for children to understand the world and improve their self-cultivation. Akaitori aimed to help readers acquire knowledge, establish correct values, develop good reading habits, enhance their Japanese language expression, and master composition writing methods. In the later period, the magazine transformed

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   078-086   Details

  • From the City to the Country: Community Imagination in Ben Jonson's City Comedies and Country House Poems

    Author:Meiqun Wu, Yao Fang

    Abstract: There is a long-standing tradition of community writing in English literature. Writers are particularly active in imagining diversified communities in the transitional period. During the Renaissance transitional period from medieval rural to modern urban civilization, the playwright Ben Jonson, feigns communities differently from the perspectives of city and country. In his city comedies, Ben Jonson imagines realistically an ironic city community, criticizing the split of real community. In his country house poetry, Ben Jonson continues to criticize the split city community and fictionalizes a friendly community of country house by eulo...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   087-095   Details

  • Contrapuntal Comparison

    Author:David Damrosch

    Abstract: The Eurocentrism of Comparative Literature has meant that non-European literary texts have been studied through either vague universalism or imperialist exoticism. What can correct, or complement, such orientalist knowledge is contrapuntal reading with local knowledge, to tackle cultural difference not as an anomaly but a fact to be analytically accommoda...

    Column:Comparative Literature Studies   096-110   Details

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