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  • About Islands, Archipelagos, and Archipelagic Writing: Alexander von Humboldt's Isle de Cube, Antilles en général

    Author:Ottmar Ette

    Abstract: Alexander von Humboldt’s manuscript Isle de Cube, Antilles en général can be read as the title of an entire archipelago of texts. Its radically open design is intriguing and gives us a sense of the ways in which this explorer of culture and nature modelled his writing but even more his thinking. His text miniatures encompass the political and social complexity of the Island World of the Caribbean in a relational and polylogical way. In combination with his Cuban maps and the Essai politique sur l’île de Cuba, this manuscript gives Humboldt a prominent place in Cuba’s 19th century literature.

    Column:Alexander von Humboldt Studies   002-011   Details

  • The Humboldt Code: On Creating a Hybrid Digital Scholarly Edition of a 19th Century Globetrotter

    Author:Tobias Kraft

    Abstract: Most people know something about Alexander von Humboldt, the Prussian traveler, naturalist, prolific author and international science celebrity from Berlin. Today, in the year of his 250th anniversary, it is the intellectual heritage of Humboldt’s understanding of humankind and natu...

    Column:Alexander von Humboldt Studies   012-023   Details

  • Where Does the Judeo-Christian Religion’s Powerful Moral Consciousness Come from?

    Author:Wei Ruan

    Abstract: Why does the Judeo-Christian religion have such a moral consciousness that is conspicuously more powerful than that of the religions and ‘philosophies’ which had prevailed in the Greco-Roman world? This paper attempts to answer the question from the perspective of comparative religion and civili...

    Column:Jewish Culture Studies   024-034   Details

  • The Old Testament and the Expression of Hebraism

    Author:Lixin Tang

    Abstract: Hebraism is the lasting and established ideology and values of the Jewish people,which can find vivid expression and metaphorical embodiment in the Old Testament, that is, the human-God contract, monotheism, chosen people, prophet, moralism under the constraints of the Judaic laws and Messianic redemption. The basic concepts of J...

    Column:Jewish Culture Studies   035-044   Details

  • Blacks, Jews, City People: Racial Issues in Saul Bellow's Mid- and Late Urban Fictions

    Author:Tian Zhang

    Abstract: Saul Bellow renovated the Black image in the urban fictions of his mid- and late writing career. Discussion of racial issues is offered unsparingly in his novels such as Mr. Sammler’s Planet, The Dean’s December, More Die of Heartbreak and Ravelstein. With repeated affirmation of his Jewish...

    Column:Jewish Culture Studies   045-055   Details

  • Return to "Nature": Language and Science in A. S. Byatt’s Babel Tower

    Author:Chenghe Yao

    Abstract: A. S. Byatt’s interests cover both art and science and concern natural history and scientific research in both her fictional and critical works. For instance, the association between science and language in Babel Tower goes beyond issues of the symbol and the language-reality relationship. From the perspec...

    Column:Literature Studies   056-064   Details

  • Post-Colonial Trauma in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Later Indian Fiction

    Author:Ran Huang

    Abstract: Trauma studies originate from Freudian trauma theory. Post-colonial scholars including Ashis Nandy, Frantz Fanon, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and Homi Bhabha apply the method of trauma studies in the field of post-colonial studies. Post-colonial trauma studies examine the damaging effects of colonialism and ra...

    Column:Literature Studies   065-078   Details

  • Marginal Men in Australian Literature of the National Period: The Image of the Chinese in Henry Lawson's Works

    Author:Jiasheng Zhang, Baoqi Lin

    Abstract: During the time of the Australian National Period, Australian intellectuals were creating a national literature and seeking Australian-ness. In the literary works of this time, the Chinese were marginalized. In Henry Lawson’s works, the Chinese, the sojourners, were c...

    Column:Literature Studies   079-088   Details

  • The Manifestation of the Interactive Register Feature in the Translation of Children’s Literature: A Comparative Study of Three Chinese Versions of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

    Author:Xuemei Chen

    Abstract: This paper investigates the interactive register feature of children’s literature based on Kipling’s Just So Stories. It first examines how interaction is embodied in the book’s register, especially in terms of linguistic features such as vocatives, tones, and colloquialism, based on which it then compares three Chinese versions. It is argued that interaction is an important register feature of children’s literature and it is essential for translators to reproduce it in translation. The translators can imitate the social role and tone of the author, and they can also read the translation aloud to children, by which they can better interact with them.

    Column:Translation Studies   089-100   Details

  • A Study of the Translation Strategies and Readers’ Reception of Four English Translations of Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen

    Author:Bing Xu, Ying Zhang

    Abstract: Huang Di Nei Jing has value for a range of qualities, e.g. as classic literature, ancient philosophy, technology, and science, etc. Translators of the different English translations of Huang Di Nei Jing usually had their particular focuses (such as the book’s m...

    Column:Translation Studies   101-112   Details

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