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A Study on Thick Translation of Chin-ssu Lu by Wing-tsit Chan: A Perspective of Translator's Habitus
Author:Ruizhen Cai    Time:2022-03-21    Click:

Title: A Study on Thick Translation of Chin-ssu Lu by Wing-tsit Chan: A Perspective of Translator’s Habitus

Abstract: The English translation of Chin-ssu Lu (Reflections on Things at Hands) by Wing-tsit Chan is accompanied by 15 paratexts of Zhu Xi’s portrait, translator’s note, introduction, prefaces, sources of selection, commentaries, translating certain Chinese philosophical terms, index, bibliography and annotations, presenting a typical characteristic of thick translation. The thick translation by Chan is the product and practical representation of his habitus of language, philosophy, academic research and translation strategy. His philosophical attainment and translation ability are shaped by his talent of language learning and environment as well as the education and training in traditional Confucian classics. And his profound philosophical background, a strong sense of readers and dedication to the spread of Chinese philosophy enables him to form his characteristics of thick translation of notes and commentaries, which not only promotes the dissemination of Zhuist Neo-Confucianism in the West, but provides enlightenment for the English translation of Chinese philosophical classics.

Keywords: Wing-tsit Chan, Chin-ssu Lu, thick translation, translator’s habitus

Author: Ruizhen Cai, Professor, School of Overseas Education (School of Foreign Languages), Sanming University, Sanming, Fujian, China.

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