no. 4

  • On Translation of Chinese Online Literature and Chinese Strategies of Cultural Globalization

    Author:Shiyu Peng, Huiying Zhang

    Abstract: In the late 2016, there comes a translation platform named “Wuxiaworld” ( mainly in responsible for translating Chinese online Xianxia and Xuanhuan novels into English for foreign readers, which has attracted attention by numerous domestic mainstream media. At present,t...

    Column:Translation Studies   098-107   Details

  • The Study of the Translation of Paratexts in CPC Literature: A Case Study of Xi Jinping: Governance of China

    Author:Shuangshuang Chen

    Abstract: Paratext is an indispensable part of the text, which provides a new perspective regarding the study on translation works. By employing the theory of paratext put forward by Gerard Genette, this paper examines the differences of paratexts between the Chinese version and English version of two volumes of Xi Jinping: Governance of China. It is concluded that the translation of paratexts is closely linked to the content of the main text and the target readership is taken into consideration. Thus, flexibility is reflected due to the addition or reduction or adjustment during the translation process.

    Column:Translation Studies   108-115   Details

  • Destruction and Construction: A Review of The Conference of the Tongues

    Author:Hong Liu

    Abstract: As a series of startling reflections on fundamental issues of translation, the book The Conference of tongues adopts an interdisciplinary study that brings concepts and ideas from social system theory, literary theory, international law and even theology to explore translation. It throws new light on familia...

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  • The Effects of Foreign Language Learners’ Creativity and English Proficiency on Their Multi-modal Metaphorical Interpretation Ability

    Author:Chen Cai

    Abstract: By taking 124 second-year non-English majors as participants, this study attempts to explore through a test and a questionaire the effects of creativity and English proficiency on their ability to interpret multimodal metaphors in English advertisements. The results are as follows: 1) Creativity and English proficiency are positively related to multi-modal metaphorical interpretation ability; 2) Learners’ creativity and English proficiency interact with each other on multi-modal metaphorical interpretation ability. Among the groups with good English proficiency, the multi-modal metaphorical interpretation ability of the high creativity learners is better than that of the low creativity learners. The results show that the learners’ creativity and English proficiency can significantly predict their multi-modal metaphorical interpretation ability, and the dominant effect of creativity is based on English proficiency.

    Column:Linguistic Studies   126-136   Details

  • A Study of Xinjiang Higher Education Language Planning from the Perspective of National Security

    Author:Chunyan Jia

    Abstract: The security dimension of language planning is one of the major topics in the contemporary study of language planning and language policy. In order to fulfill the effects and values for language planning, it should be strengthened the study on language planning in the Xinjiang. The paper draws on two dimensions that are the current foreign languages capacities of Xinjiang higher education and an extensive survey of foreign languages demand of Xinjiang.

    Column:Linguistic Studies   137-145   Details

  • The First Oral English Textbook Compiled by a Chinese in Modern Chinese History: A Study on The English and Chinese Students Assistant, or Colloquial Phrases, Letters & c, in English and Chinese

    Author:Haoyu Bian

    Abstract: In 1826, The English and Chinese Students Assistant, or Colloquial Phrases, Letters & c, in English and Chinese was published in Malacca. The author was a student from the Anglo-Chinese College at Malacca, whose name was SHAOU TĬH. As far as the current data is concerned, the book was the first English textbook compiled by a Chinese in modern Chinese history. The professionalism, practicability and pertinency reflected in the textbook, not only exerted positive influence on English learning and teaching in the Anglo-Chinese College at Malacca at that time, but also is of great historical significance to present compilation of English textbooks.

    Column:Linguistic Studies   146-154   Details

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