2021(Vol. 5)

  • Introduction to Alexander von Humboldt: The Americas, China, Central Asia and the World

    Author:Ottmar Ette

    Abstract: This article is an introduction to this Humboldt research column. It is intended to briefly explain the long life and great works of Alexander von Humboldt. It not only lays out the educational background, mental state and scientific research activities of the Prussian naturalist and cultural...

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  • Beyond the Tableau: Alexander von Humboldt's Project of a Plant Geography of the Two Hemispheres

    Author:Ulrich Päßler

    Abstract: The “Naturgemälde der Anden” (Physical Tableau of the Andes) offers a visual representation of Alexander von Humboldt’s view of nature as an interconnected whole. Humboldt published this graphic in 1807 as part of his “Essay on the Geography of Plants,” which focused on finding...

    Column:Alexander von Humboldt Studies   007-017   Details

  • Off-Road Adventures: Reading Statistical Tables in Alexander von Humboldt's Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain

    Author:Vera M. Kutzinski

    Abstract: This article focuses on the visual qualities of Alexander von Humboldt's statistical tables in his Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, with special focus on how they relate to narrative writing. I argue that Humboldt's tables open up spaces inside his narration which fragment the reader's visual field in order to invite unexpected conversations, connections, and ideas—what I call off-road adventures.

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  • Between and Beyond the Nations: Alexander von Humboldt and French Literature

    Author:Markus A. Lenz

    Abstract: Alexander von Humboldt, as a scientist and diplomatically mediating chamberlain to the Prussian king, played a bridging role between France and Prussia. He can hardly be claimed by one single national literary "tradition," yet his close ties to France, especially to Paris, his place of residence and wor...

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  • The Second Hemisphere: Alexander von Humboldt's Asian Journey as Reflected in His Writings

    Author:Tobias Kraft, Florian Schnee

    Abstract: The expedition through Central Asia in 1829 marked a turning point in the life of the Prussian explorer Alexander von Humboldt. At the border post Baty, he came into contact with Chinese culture for the first time. From there he brought a copy of The Records of the Three Kingdoms to Berlin...

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  • Humboldt, Slavery and Revolution: Global Anti-Colonial, Abolitionist and Anti-Racist Perspectives

    Author:Michael Zeuske

    Abstract: This essay deals with Humboldt's notes in his diaries about Venezuela and Cuba regarding slave owners and slave traders. Both groups, along with colonial officials and scientists, were among the most important contacts and hosts for Humboldt on his trip to the Americas (1799—1804)....

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  • Leibniz and Alexander von Humboldt

    Author:Eberhard Knobloch

    Abstract: Alexander von Humboldt often evaluated Leibniz's scientific achievements and projects. He was especially interested in Leibniz's contributions to the investigation of earth magnetism, his writings on earth history and his invention of the differential calculus. Hence this paper deals with these three subjects. It explains their historical backg...

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  • Deconstructing the Myth of "Us": The Submission's Reconsideration of Post-9 / 11 American National Identity

    Author:Zhulin Nie

    Abstract: Deconstructing the Myth of "Us": The Submission's Reconsideration of Post-9 / 11 American National Identity Abstract: Amy Waldman's debut novel The Submission is the representative of American post-9 / 11 literature. The novel fictionalizes an anonymous "Ground Zero" memorial design competition, and, by focusing on the furious debates within the memorial jury in the shadow of trauma, the hierarchy of the victims’ families betraying the American Creed, as well as the identity crisis of the American Muslim protagonist under the pressure of Islamophobia, deconstructs the post-9 / 11 myth of "us." ...

    Column:American Literature Studies   075-084   Details

  • A Comparative Study of Chinese Translations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the Chinese-Speaking Regions

    Author:Xueyi Li

    Abstract: This paper discusses the characteristics of Chinese translations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, an English classic for children, published in the Chinese-speaking regions, i.e. mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. It finds that differ...

    Column:Translation Studies   085-093   Details

  • The Re-creation of Literariness in the Translation of Bildungsroman

    Author:Jiajia Huang, Derong Xu

    Abstract: As a special literary form of children's literature, the re-creation of literariness in the translation of Bildungsroman is crucial to the expression of its unique value and profound connotations. From a semiotic perspective, this paper proposes that literariness arises from the construction of linguistic symbol...

    Column:Translation Studies   094-105   Details

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