2022(Vol. 6)

  • Imitation and World Literature: English Pastiches of Two Chinese Poems

    Author:Yujing Liang

    Abstract: Focusing on the English pastiches of two Chinese poems by Li Bai and Xidu Heshang, this article explores the significance of imitation in the cross-cultural transmission of literature and the construction of the world literature identity. The textual similarities and differences between the two pastiches—Ezr...

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  • Katherine Mansfield and Modernist Literary Magazines: A Perilous Voyage for Artistic Autonomy

    Author:Ran Huang

    Abstract: The sociology of literature, a methodology proposed by Pierre Bourdieu, sheds light on the perilous voyage Katherine Mansfield has made in pursuit of artistic autonomy through interaction with literary magazines. Mansfield’s first resisting stance is made by her alliance with social art against bourgeoisie art in New Age. This revolutionary gesture is pushed further by her declaration of double rupture with both bourgeoisie art and social art in fauvist magazine Rhythm. Eventually, she elaborates her modernist aesthetics through her book reviews in Athenaeum. Her pursuit of innovation in literary forms has made a great contribution to the modernist movement.

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  • "There is no Utopia Nowhere": Heterotopia Writing and Historical Construction in The Shawl

    Author:Na Zhao

    Abstract: Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl focuses on Rosa's witnessing infanticide in the concentration camp and her traumatic postwar life. Rosa has undergone a transformation from a succumber to a speaker and accuser in the heterotopia spaces of the concentration camp, a second-hand shop in New York and hotels in Miami. The characterization of victim's image spreads Holocaust history and crisis awareness, and constructs the national postwar community. Ozick reinforces the awareness of Holocaust history with special spatial art, and forms a historical memory, characterized by the electrified fence as the Holocaust carrier, and the stagnation of time and space. It clarifies the trauma subject’s inner grief and historical responsibility, and presents the historical continuity between spatial memory and the traumatic events of the Holocaust.

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  • Violence and Women's Empowerment: Female Soldier Narratives in the Twenty-first-century American War Writings

    Author:Tian Liu

    Abstract: Helen Benedict and Kirsten Holmstedt's narratives of the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan wars relate women's war stories in women's voices to reshape the cultural imaginations about the identities of women and soldiers, hence they offer an alternative to or counter-narratives against the dominant gendered war discourse. The portrayals of U.S. female soldiers' perpetrator/victim identity in Benedict's The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq and Sand Queen and Holmstedt's Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq disrupt war narrative traditions, expand the boundaries of feminist discourse, thereby facilitate women's empowerment by unsettling the old gender order to engender a new one.

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  • An Inquiry into the Identity Crisis via the Love Narrative of Kamouraska

    Author:Qi Feng

    Abstract: The novel Kamouraska, based on a real murder in Canada was written by Anne Hébert, a famous Canadian female writer. Hébert embellished the murder with romantic love, then a multiple and non-linear narrative, between dream and reality, past and present, showing the heroine Elizabeth’s rebellious love and he...

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  • The Clones' Ethical Dilemma in Never Let Me Go

    Author:Yanjiao Zhao

    Abstract: The clones in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go have to face the destiny of "untimely death," thus leading to our reflection on the clones' ethical dilemma from the perspective of existentialism. This paper analyzes the clones' ethical dilemma from their crisis in identity, biological power and existential choice, on the basis of Judith Butler's and Giorgio Agamben's philosophical theories. Just like Odradek, the clones are defined as neither "human" nor "animal" but in the mid-state as of existence, becoming "non-human" in Butler's words. Besides, the clones' living "state of exception" makes them Agamben's "Homo Sacer": facing designed life, the clones all choose to be "a livable life," and that pathetic and mournful choice further highlights their existential predicament,implying Ishiguro's humanistic concerns for the marginalized, and meanwhile, calling into question the modern trend of biotechnology when scientific development confronts human ethics.

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  • A Study on Thick Translation of Chin-ssu Lu by Wing-tsit Chan: A Perspective of Translator's Habitus

    Author:Ruizhen Cai

    Abstract: The English translation of Chin-ssu Lu (Reflections on Things at Hands) by Wing-tsit Chan is accompanied by 15 paratexts of Zhu Xi's portrait, translator's note, introduction, prefaces, sources of selection, commentaries, translating certain Chinese philosophical terms, index, bibliography and annotations, presenting a typical characteristic of thick translation. The thick translation by Chan is the product and practical representation of his habitus of language, philosophy, academic research and translation strategy. His philosophical attainment and translation ability are shaped by his talent of language learning and environment as well as the education and training in traditional Confucian classics. And his profound philosophical background, a strong sense of readers and dedication to the spread of Chinese philosophy enables him

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  • Evaluation or Perception: On the Essence of Translation Criticism

    Author:Lixia Feng

    Abstract: Views on the essence of translation criticism (TC) are of great importance as they determine the process and production of TC practice, which in turn, decide whether TC can play its role. An investigation of some twenty common definitions of TC shows that vague or even contradictory views are held on the essence o...

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  • Lao She's Sishi Tongtang and Gushu Yiren: A Study from the Perspective of Text-less Back-translation

    Author:Wei Lu

    Abstract: Lao She wrote Sishi Tongtang and Gushu Yiren partly or wholly overseas during his sojourn in the United States. As soon as they were completed, their manuscripts were translated into English by means of Author-translator collaboration and their English versions, The Yellow Storm and The Drum Singers respectively, were published in the United States. For some reasons, the ending chapters of Sishi Tongtang and the whole of Gushu Yiren had never been published in Chinese before their manuscripts disappeared, resulting in the loss of the original. Luckily enough, the timely English versions made it possible for them to be eventually resurrected in the Chinese culture through back-translation which, according to latest definitions, could be classified as unusual text-less back-translation. Going from overseas writing to text-less back-translation, Sishi Tongtang and Gushu Yiren have made a unique and interesting journey, ..

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  • Between Coldness and Hotness: On the Character Tension of Xue Baochai in David Hawkes' Verison of Hong Lou Meng

    Author:Chan Chang, Feizhou Yin

    Abstract: Title: Between Coldness and Hotness: On the Character Tension of Xue Baochai in David Hawkes’ Verison of Hong Lou MengAbstract: Translation studies from the perspective of imagology attaches significance to in-depth analysis of the textual images reconstructed in translations as well as discussions on the contextuality and historicity of these images. Based on this research framework, the pape...

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