2022(Vol. 6)

  • Oral History: An Approach for Translation History

    Author:Kaitong Song, Hongjun Lan

    Abstract: Different from documentary history, oral history focuses on the individuals or groups hidden behind mainstream history. By borrowing research methods from oral history, the study of translation history will further visualize and highlight the role of translator and translation practice in promoting historical development, which w...

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  • Translating for Love, Conforming to Contexts: Taking Sidney Shapiro’s Translation Strategies as Examples

    Author:Songya Deng

    Abstract: Sidney Shapiro, a Jewish American, with the influence of his life experience and personality, voluntarily became a Chinese citizen and chose translation as his lifelong career to show the real China from his view. In his early life, his translation materials were often selected by the Foreign Languages Press. And after the translation of Outlaws of the Marsh, he began to write books and consciously introduce China to the world through his careful translation. With a moderate and rigorous translation style, Shapiro took into account both the cultural intention of the original work, the request of sponsors and the expectations of western readers, which made his Outlaws of the Marsh the most praised translation of the book and sets a good example for promoting Chinese literature to the world.

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  • Studying from Source Text and Identifying Literary Talent in Popular Fiction: On the Idea of Patrick Hanan’s Creating by the Other with Textual Research

    Author:Yuting Ren

    Abstract: Many articles about English translation of Chinese literature focus on the translation rather than the translator. Researchers pay less attention to the sinologist’s life and enlightenment from his study and translations of Chinese literature. Patrick Hanan, a famous expert in Chinese classical novels, had devoted his life to the study of Chinese literature. His works, such as The Chinese Vernacular Story, The Invention of Li Yu and The Rise of Modern Chinese Novels, are unique in attention to textuel and narrative style, providing a new perspective for the study of Chinese literature. He translated nine romantic novels and presented the historical value of non-mainstream literature. Through the study of his life and works, the paper points out that we should learn from the successful experience of sinologists in spreading Chinese literature, and promote overseas Chinese literature and culture.

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  • A Contrastive Study of the Prominence View and the Figure-Ground Theory

    Author:Yuxiang Qin, Dan Zhao

    Abstract: The prominence view and the figure-ground theory are related to each other because they both involve perceptual relations. However, they are not equal, and this results in their difference in superiority. The prominence view is a general principle of cognition and a basic way of thinking, and it is superior to the figure-ground theory in syntactic analysis for being economical in theory and capable of simplifying the analyzing process and providing systematic and reasonable explanations to related syntactic problems. The figure-ground theory, which has developed from the description of the perceptional relation between the two parts in the perceptional field, can very well illustrate the prominence relation between the things involved in the prominence view, but it is limited in its application in syntactic analysis because of the difficulty in determining figure and ground and the irreversibility of the perceptional relation between figure and ground.

    Column:Linguistic Studies   135-144   Details

  • A Critical Metaphor Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and American Renewable Energy News Reports

    Author:Yi Peng, Bei Luo

    Abstract: Within recent years, foreign and domestic studies of energy discourses have been in constant development, but little research is directed towards renewable energy discourses in terms of critical metaphor analysis. Based on the contrastive analysis of critical metaphors, as well as the self-constructed corpus on Chinese and American renewable energy news reports in the past ten years, this paper explores identical and different metaphors linked with these discourses, discloses origins of the identical and distinct metaphors, and points out that important factors leading to the same metaphors include the natural tendency of energy development, the responsibilities of China and America as major powers, and the commonalities of culture and thoughts between the two countries. The main reasons giving rise to correspondingly different metaphors involve the differences of ideology and social culture.

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