2023(Vol. 7)

  • The Miracle of British Modernization

    Author:Zhao Yifan

    Abstract: British saw the first Industrial Revolution, set up the first Modern State, and thus became the British Empire on what the sun never set. How could all these happen on that little Island? Please read and think.

    Column:China and the US by ZHAO Yifan   001-011   Details

  • On Transformation in Complete Translation

    Author:Chengfa Yu, Yuanyuan Duan

    Abstract: The axis of complete translation is transformation, whose quintessence is in sublimation. In terms of connotation, sublimation, as the intrinsic nature of complete translation, shares interrelated and mutually denotative meanings with the Chinese word “化” in philology, philosophy and aesthetics. In terms of denotation, sublimation ref...

    Column:"Dao" of Translation   012-021   Details

  • Division and Combination in Complete Translation: A Case Study of the English Translation of Chinese Political Documents

    Author:Wei Guo, Yuchun Xu

    Abstract: Division and combination are the laws of the existence and development of the world. They are the unity of opposites and complementarities, whose interrelationship can be used to guide the translation process, balancing the form-meaning relationship between the source language and the target language despite their differences in philosophy, thinking patterns and syntactic structures. Through the proper application of division and combination, two of the seven methods in complete translation, it is more likely for translators to produce idiomatic translations with deverbalization. As applied writing, Chinese political documents are characterized by Chinese syntactic structure. This paper probes into division and combination in theoretical b

    Column:"Dao" of Translation   022-031   Details

  • Between the Prussian Tradition and the Napoleonic Way: On Kleist’s The Prince of Homburg and Prussian Military Reform

    Author:Minyue Shi, Yue Zeng

    Abstract: Heinrich von Kleist’s The Prince of Homburg was created in the context of the Napoleonic Wars. The military revolution in the early 19th century and the writer’s military knowledge constituted important elements in the construction of the play. By rewriting the Battle of Fehrbellin of 1675, Kleist interprets the conflict between the Prussian military tradition and the military principles of the Napoleonic era, thereby expressing the changes in the military culture of the era in a dramatic form. His text reflects the Prussian military reforms. The intertextual relationship between the text of The Prince of Homburg and the contemporary developments in military theory and military technology testifies to Kleist’s concern with military issues and the connection between his literary creation in the last years of his life and the Prussian military reforms.

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   032-044   Details

  • Historical Writing in The Faerie Queene and the Construction of English National Identity

    Author:Long Guo, Lingying Wu

    Abstract: The Faerie Queene, written by Edmund Spenser, represents history of England and constructs the historical, geographical, and religious identity of the English nation through three forms of historical writing: chronicle, chorography, and epic prophecy, making it the national epic of England. The historical writing in The Faerie Queene not only reflects interactions between history and poetry, which provides medium for the construction of English national identity in this epic, but also affirms the key role of historical and cultural memory in strengthening national identity and in highlighting the unique Englishness embedded in the English national identity.

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   045-056   Details

  • Quarantine and Cleaning: Deerbrook and the Medical Reconstruction of Community in the Early Victorian Age Abstract: As a daring endeavor taken by Harriet Martineau in the fiction realm, Deerbrook reveals the important role of medicine within commun

    Author:Fang Liu

    Abstract: As a daring endeavor taken by Harriet Martineau in the fiction realm, Deerbrook reveals the important role of medicine within community in the early Victorian age. Previous studies have focused either on the moral character of the doctor and its function in maintaining the order of the community, or the medical discourse and its discipline’s impact on individual patients. Few, nonetheless, have been interested in the relationship between medicine and community. Focusing on the health of the community, this paper first attempts to illustrate the significance of the doctor and his medical discourse in shaping social health in the early Victorian age, meanwhile presenting Martineau’s reference to ...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   057-067   Details

  • On Circular Structures in A Room with a View

    Author:Yihua Chen

    Abstract: In E. M. Forster’s masterpiece A Room with a View, the three key elements of music, space, and character form three circular structures. These three circular structures achieve the effect of easy rhythm within themselves by “repetition with variation” and present the effect of intricate rhythm in an interlocking layout. With the he...

    Column:Literature and Culture Studies   068-077   Details

  • Current Situation and Trend of International Communication Research on China’s Image

    Author:Hua Ma, Chao Xiong, Jingze Li

    Abstract: With the continuous enhancement of China’s comprehensive national strength and the continuous expansion of its international influence, it is of increasing practical significance to show the world a true, multi-dimensional and comprehensive image of China. To promote the research on China’s i...

    Column:Precise International Communication   078-090   Details

  • A Study on the International Communication of Chinese Science Fiction Works from the Perspective of Digital Humanities: A Case Study of The Wandering Earth

    Author:Jianhua Dai, Minyun Xu, Daojian Zeng

    Abstract: This study employs artificial intelligence algorithms to investigate the international communication of Chinese science fiction works, which is of paramount significance in advancing the dissemination of Chinese culture. In light of this, this paper takes The Wandering Earth as an example. Firstly, collecting online reviews from English-speaking people regarding its English version and its film adaptation, and then, building a sentiment classification model based on prompt learning, and using keyword extraction techniques to mine latent knowledge behind the reviews, Data analysis reveals that the overall acceptance level of the English version of The Wandering Earth is high, while the evaluations of the film adaptation are found to be generally average, the negative evaluations primarily center on the film’s plot, special effects, and the performa

    Column:Precise International Communication   091-101   Details

  • Research on Online English Teaching Evaluation Based on Learners’ Academic Emotion

    Author:Wenjing Wang, Qihao Xu

    Abstract: The online teaching carried out since the outbreak of the epidemic is a new challenge and experience for college teachers and students. Based on learners’ academic emotions and taking foreign language majors’ online learning as an example, this study deeply understands the needs and experience ...

    Column:Linguistic Studies   102-116   Details

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